Cooleys in Haiti

ImageToday is the first day of English Camp. We have 13 here from Cottonwood. Today is the first day of English Camp. It is going super smooth. We have 13 here from Cottonwood, but with all the interpreters, summer staff and support help we have almost 40 workers for the 400 kids who were signed up. Most of our workers are working with the kids- teaching English or Bible or doing Sports, that kind of thing. Kids are divided up between boys and girls and then go through different stations. Megan is working in the Kitchen, Caleb is teaching Bible, Jon is doing repairs somewhere, and I’m writing you.

English Camp is kind of like a Vacation Bible School, but with an emphasis on learning English. . .  and twice as long. . . and with interpreters. . . and all outside. . . without AC. . . and with two meals a day.

I guess it’s really not like VBS at all.

It sure is cool to watch your kids serve this way. The kitchen is a brutal place to work. It’s a normal sized kitchen, supper hot and crowded in there, with 400 breakfasts and lunches to prepare. They do seem to have a lot of fun working together, and the new sink should be a help. Caleb has a great interpreter, they should have a lot of fun working together.

Megan just walked by and asked, “Are you still doing nothing?” So, let me say that working in the kitchen is really easy. There is food whenever you want it, drinking water close by, no kids screaming at you, what a life.



Weekend in Haiti


So I was getting to bed pretty late last night – was the last one up around midnight. I left the bathroom using my flashlight so as not to wake up others, and I saw a rat. I was walking towards my room, so not thinking i just kept on going. That freaked the rat out, so he ran in front of me. I kept walking, he kept walking. So, i stupedly chased the rat into my bedroom at midnight. Thankfully he didn’t snore.

It’s been pretty crazy here. We just finished replacing the rusted out sink with a new stainless one before the 400 kids show up for English Camp tomorrow. There have been a ton of projects, including getting the new propane bug trap set up, fogging, fixing tons of plumbing problems, and training for the kids coming manana. Today we did church in the morning and ate at a fun bakery this afternoon. It looks like we got all the projects finished in time for camp, so it will be fun to watch things run tomorrow. The generator we purchased last year is wonderful. Nothing like having electricity and running water when you need it. The interweb has been sketchy here, so I’ve not been able to post much. Hopefully this will upload.

The pic is of Caleb and his friend Kyle hugging a toilet. OR repairing it.

Will try to post again in a couple days.


What Are the Chances Pt.2

ImageSo, our plane was 90 minutes late leaving ABQ. That left us -30 minutes to make our connection in Dallas, as our layover was only an hour. But… God is good.

The flight in Dallas was about 2 hours late leaving, so no problem! That left us with 2 hours less to sleep in the airport in Florida, but there was no sleeping anyway. They were doing construction inside the airport at night. So, we are now sipping coffee waiting for our 6am flight to PaP. That’s 4am ABQ time.

We ran into another missions team from ABQ going to Haiti – so have been able to make some new friends and pal with another group. They also have a lucky 13 people going. Hey, the disciples and Jesus.. 13.

And, all our baggage made it on the plane. We had to shuttle some stuff from bags a pound or two over the limit to those a pound or two under, but we made it with 1360lbs of supplies for Sweet!

Time to board and try to sleep with my knees above my ears. The pics are from last year. I forgot my phone cord – just bought a new one wi

What Are the Chances?

What are the chances of this…


We have 13 people going to Haiti, giving us 1160 lbs of luggage with all bags at 50lbs but 3 food bags at 70lbs. LOTS of stuff came in just yesterday, tons of food donated, Amazon deliveries just this week. Today we finished packing the last bag. It was just 10lb under, and then we remembered a package at home we forgot. 1160 lbs of donations down to the ounce.

What are the chances of that?

God is good. All the time. And He knows of each gift before we give it.

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Haiti Mission Trip 2014: This year we hope to put in 1 sink, 2 breaker switches, capture 5 Haitian zombies, teach 400 campers, and avoid 17 trillion Chikungunya virus caring mosquitoes. We have debt. They have bugs.

And zombies. The picture is Zonbi by Haitian artist Wilson Bigaud, 1939. Read older blogs for more zombie stuff. Meanwhile. . .

Lord willing we leave Wednesday noon for somewhere FL, then catch a nap in the airport, then first flight out Thursday we head to Port-au-Prince, rested and ready to go. Right.

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Anger an Extremist – And 5 Other Reasons to Follow My Blog


1: To Anger a Turkish Muslim Extremist. Last year someone twice broke into the back-end of my website, crashed it, and made it point to a Turkish Muslim Extremist Recruiting Site. A couple months ago when I tried to start a Bible Zombie blog on the website, another group attacked. Zombie recruiters? Maybe the first group was actually anti-Christian zombie skinheads masquerading as Muslims.

Anyhow, seeing as my website is about as secure as Christmas gift left overnight in a convertible in Chicago, I started all over on WordPress. The good news is you can follow it, post on it, and say bad things about Skinhead Turkish Muslim Zombie Extremists without crashing the site.

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Zombie History


I think I’ll try to work this up to be the introduction/chapter one – and then take some of the stories out that i was going to use. Just too many resurrection stories in the Bible – about 9 at my count – that really don’t fit anywhere close to being zombies. I do want the book to share the gospel, but don’t want it to become a bate and switch either.

Zombies are history.

There are legends of zombies from Africa, the southern United States, the Caribbean, the French West Indies – and from some accounts the Far East.. There are legends of African trains being run by zombies, of people being zombified by children, and of witches killing people in order to possess them. These aren’t current made-for-TV scripts, they are honest oral histories.

The word ZOM-BIE (Zom/be) is Kimbundu, a language spoken in the Republic of Angloa. In Kimbundu, “zombie” means ghost, or departed spirit. Zombie is also the name of a snake god in West Africa and Haiti and, according to “The Free Dictionary,” the southern United States. I now bring my double-tap shotgun with zombie ammo when traveling to Lake Charles.

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Zombies Three – The Zombie Army from Joel


Another draft chapter from Bible Zombies. Any help appreciated…

Could Joel 2 be a description of the coming Zombie Apocalypse?  Some on the normally infallible interweb believe so. Here is what Joel wrote over 2500 years ago, in a prophecy about the future.

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Bible Zombies Two – Samuel

SamuelThe Setting:

It was around 1000 BC, and Saul was King of Israel. King Saul was suffering from severe depression, paranoia, and on again/off again demon possession. He was in the middle of a war, and losing badly. His best adviser, Samuel, had recently died, and now Saul had no clue what to do. So, he freaked out and did the least logical thing possible.

He brought Samuel back from the dead.

This was especially difficult for Saul to pull off, since as king he had outlawed witchcraft. Somehow, King Saul learned there was a medium in the town of Endor. Saul put on a disguise, and he and a couple of close friends snuck away from the troops in the middle of the night. They went to the medium’s house.

They talked for a while and…

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