Family: I met my wife JoLynn in college and she has given me four wonderful children: Megan (Jon), Amanda (Jake), Micah (has a snake), and Caleb (has a Jeep).

Education: I went to a bunch of schools (fun, but not too productive…) finally getting my life together and graduating from Criswell in Dallas, and Moody Seminary in Chicago.

Writing Stuff: Bizarre Bible Stories and Bizarre Bible Stories 2! were published by Baker Books and Heritage Builders. You can get them and some of my smaller writings here – but they will cost you. Most of my pastoral humor writing has been published by Leadership Journal or their parent company Christianity Today. You can find those articles here – for free (mostly). Our you can read through this website, most stuff is inconveniently here for the digging. Bizarre Christmas Bible Stories comes out in October, 2019.

Job Stuff: Besides being an author, I’m lead pastor of AnchorPoint Church.

Personal Stuff: As a missionary kid, I’ve always known who Jesus was, but it wasn’t until college that I really began to look at how He fit into my life. Discovering the answer has been a mysterious, exhilarating, long (and sometimes difficult) journey, but I could not imagine a life without Christ. While living in Winnipeg MB a friend came up to me after church. She said, “Dan, don’t take this wrong, but I think you may be a better writer than a speaker.” She then introduced me to her agent, and Bizarre Bible Stories was picked up by Baker Books about a year later. Now, I get to tell stories as a pastor, a dad, and a writer. Writing is harder for me then speaking, as it’s difficult for me to think with my mouth closed. Along with a beautiful wife and four terrific kids, I have a Jeep. People with Jeeps are more fun.

Outside of Church and Writing: I love eating, archery, rappelling, fixing cars (too often), spending time with friends (never enough) and raising my children. Some of my favorite books include Mere Christianity and all things CS Lewis, A Man Called Intrepid, and Blue Like Jazz. A few of my favorite movies are Napoleon Dynamite (ughhhhhhhhh), Princess Bride (Inconceivable!), Shadowlands, and Blues Brothers (We’re on a mission from God!)



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Dan,

    I would be astonished if you remember me, but I remember you from Camp Peniel around 1982ish just a few years after my conversion to Christ at camp in 1979. You were a young scholar in seminary and I was a camper–a baby Christian ravenously hungry for the Scriptures, which you were happy to feed me. You may have been the first person in a long line of believers who encouraged me to love the Lord my God with all my MIND. I think of you every time I see the brickish blue Naves Topical Bible still on my study shelf with “COOLEY” scrawled in black in across the page edges. I thought of you today when I noticed you son Caleb’s name on the 2017 summer staff roster in Camp Peniel’s newsletter. So glad to discover that you are still in the saddle serving the Lord.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you…

    Colin Kerr
    Pastor, Family Bible Church
    Evansville, IN


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