Weekend in Haiti


So I was getting to bed pretty late last night – was the last one up around midnight. I left the bathroom using my flashlight so as not to wake up others, and I saw a rat. I was walking towards my room, so not thinking i just kept on going. That freaked the rat out, so he ran in front of me. I kept walking, he kept walking. So, i stupedly chased the rat into my bedroom at midnight. Thankfully he didn’t snore.

It’s been pretty crazy here. We just finished replacing the rusted out sink with a new stainless one before the 400 kids show up for English Camp tomorrow. There have been a ton of projects, including getting the new propane bug trap set up, fogging, fixing tons of plumbing problems, and training for the kids coming manana. Today we did church in the morning and ate at a fun bakery this afternoon. It looks like we got all the projects finished in time for camp, so it will be fun to watch things run tomorrow. The generator we purchased last year is wonderful. Nothing like having electricity and running water when you need it. The interweb has been sketchy here, so I’ve not been able to post much. Hopefully this will upload.

The pic is of Caleb and his friend Kyle hugging a toilet. OR repairing it.

Will try to post again in a couple days.



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