Anger an Extremist – And 5 Other Reasons to Follow My Blog


1: To Anger a Turkish Muslim Extremist. Last year someone twice broke into the back-end of my website, crashed it, and made it point to a Turkish Muslim Extremist Recruiting Site. A couple months ago when I tried to start a Bible Zombie blog on the website, another group attacked. Zombie recruiters? Maybe the first group was actually anti-Christian zombie skinheads masquerading as Muslims.

Anyhow, seeing as my website is about as secure as Christmas gift left overnight in a convertible in Chicago, I started all over on WordPress. The good news is you can follow it, post on it, and say bad things about Skinhead Turkish Muslim Zombie Extremists without crashing the site.

2: To read Megan’s and Micah’s ramblings. They don’t post often, but when they do, you do not want to miss it. Megan’s latest? Why I prefer my cat to your kids. I’ll also link to other slightly ir-reverend Christian  blog reads and Haiti writings.

3: For the Haitian Connection: I get to go to Haiti annually to help out a Children’s Ministry, and have had fun writing about the Iron Devil Pig I saw – that the interweb swears doesn’t exist. And voodoo drums trying to drown out my speaking, and Megan being the first white female in a village where we put in a well, and other fun stuff. We leave for Haiti in 5 days, on Wed the 25th. This year I’m hoping NOT to be writing about how the Chikungunya virus effects 56-year-old visitors. The word means “bent man,” and attacks the joints. It’s spread by mosquitoes, can cause nausea, horrible fever, etc. About 80% of Haiti has had it.

But hey, if I get it, you can read about it here.

4: To Protect Yourself from the Coming Bible Zombie Apocalypse: There are stories of zombie-like creatures in the Bible – and one real zombie. . . I think. You may see him one day. Really. I’ll be posting those stories as I write them for the new book, and for you to comment on, correct, or threaten read to your kids if you like giving them nightmares.

5: To Get Free Stuff: Along with the Bible Zombie book, I’ve started a Bizarre Christmas Bible Stories book. I’ll post those chapters too. Hopefully they will make good kid devotions and/or Kids Church lessons. I think WordPress may have a way for me to give away some books. And winning lottery numbers.

6: To Get More Bizarre Books: New books don’t get published without an author “following.” I’m lousy at self-promotion, but if someone isn’t already reading my stuff, no new books are coming down the pike. So, the more “likes,” and “follows” and that kind of stuff I can generate, the more likely a publisher will pick up on a new book idea.

Who knew you could anger an extremist and help determine what gets published all in one button click? What a world!


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