Cooleys in Haiti

ImageToday is the first day of English Camp. We have 13 here from Cottonwood. Today is the first day of English Camp. It is going super smooth. We have 13 here from Cottonwood, but with all the interpreters, summer staff and support help we have almost 40 workers for the 400 kids who were signed up. Most of our workers are working with the kids- teaching English or Bible or doing Sports, that kind of thing. Kids are divided up between boys and girls and then go through different stations. Megan is working in the Kitchen, Caleb is teaching Bible, Jon is doing repairs somewhere, and I’m writing you.

English Camp is kind of like a Vacation Bible School, but with an emphasis on learning English. . .  and twice as long. . . and with interpreters. . . and all outside. . . without AC. . . and with two meals a day.

I guess it’s really not like VBS at all.

It sure is cool to watch your kids serve this way. The kitchen is a brutal place to work. It’s a normal sized kitchen, supper hot and crowded in there, with 400 breakfasts and lunches to prepare. They do seem to have a lot of fun working together, and the new sink should be a help. Caleb has a great interpreter, they should have a lot of fun working together.

Megan just walked by and asked, “Are you still doing nothing?” So, let me say that working in the kitchen is really easy. There is food whenever you want it, drinking water close by, no kids screaming at you, what a life.



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