Free Book of Quotes

A good friend – and a terrific writer – Chad Barrett has a free book offer.

When his daughter Kristina died, Chad stopped blogging and started writing down his thoughts. This free book is a collection of quotes from his journal. Here are a few:

1:There is nothing so dark that may come your way
that God’s truth cannot disperse.
Nothing so painful that God’s love cannot heal.
Nothing so twisted that God’s justice cannot fix.
No heart so heavy that His grace cannot uplift.

2: I think God is more concerned
about us trusting Him fully
than He is relieving our pain.

3: The same God who met with Moses
on the mountain wants to meet with you now.
Careful though, your heart may
glow afterwards.

4: We can’t out-suffer
the comfort Jesus gives.

5: “H.O.P.E.
Hold On Pain Ends.”
– Kristina Barrett

If you found the quotes inspiring, here is a note from Chad’s new blog, and how to get the free book:


About a year ago, I stopped blogging. I love to blog, but with Kristina’s grand homegoing, I had to stop.

But to honor her memory with the upcoming 1-year mark of her death, I’m ready to go back. And if you sign up, I’ll send you something free.

It’s at .

Here’s the rub: if you sign up to receive my blog posts, I’ll email you a link to download this booklet: Thrive Not Just Survive: A 12-week Book of Quotes.Even if you decide not to stay with my blog, you can keep the download. It’s my gift to you, because you are so awesome.

My blog is mainly about inspiring others to live out the gospel of Jesus; showing His love in real ways, being aggressively gracious to the world, amazing stories that inspire me to thrive, and more. Even if you aren’t a Christian, I think you’ll like my blog. And I welcome your thoughts and interaction. I love to interact!

Would you sign up? It’s here:

Already signed up and want the booklet? Private message me, and I’ll send it to you.




Buy a Book, Help a Family Battling Cancer

Christina (2)Dear God, why did you give me cancer?

Chad was in my youth group back in the 80s. In the summer of 2013 his daughter Kristina wrote me a note with that question. I tried to give an answer in Bizarre 2!, but fell short. One day I’ll see her again, and she can show me her mansion and introduce me to Jesus who will answer the question with depth. She went to heaven June 21, 2014.

Meanwhile, I’d like to live with some of the grace she showed throughout her life.

When Kristina was diagnosed, Helping Hands, a division of The Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation, walked with the family through some incredibly difficult times. It seems logical then, that all of the profits of Bizarre Bible Stories 2! should go directly to Helping Hands. It really is fun to give this way, you don’t notice the money you never had. I know they will use the funds better than I would, and this way I’m not tempted when the Jeep catalogs come in.

So, Buy a Book, Help a Family Battling Cancer.

After my publisher, Heritage Builders, got in touch with Greg Anderson, the founder and CEO of Cancer Recovery Foundation International, he sent me this kind, very gracious letter. Makes me realize it’s one of my best decisions ever. Here is part of the letter…

Dear Pastor Cooley,

Growing up Lutheran in rural Iowa, I was taught the definition of grace was God’s unmerited goodness.  If ever there was a perfect example of grace, your donation of royalties to Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation is it.  Thank you.  We gratefully accept. 

Even with good health insurance, the downward financial spiral of families dealing with childhood cancer is ubiquitous.  It’s the combination of increased medical expenses like co-pays, travel, lodging and more, while at the same time the family’s income typically declines as parents must take time off work to be with their sick child.  Last year, Helping Hands received applications for financial assistance totaling $294,079.00.  We were able to fund only $120,603.00.  May I suggest your gift be designated and restricted to Helping Hands where it will fund past due rents and utilities of families who have a child battling cancer. 

Finally, know how grateful I am for your gift. 

With sincere appreciation,

Greg Anderson, Founder & CEO

Cancer Recovery Foundation International


Tel:  936.231.8460, x-110  Fax:  936.231.8462

What Weird and the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation Have in Common

ccrLogoAs you may know,  Bizarre 2! is dedicated to Kristina, the daughter of a close friend who died of cancer just as the book was going to print. The Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation was a place of refuge and help to the family throughout the process. So, I thought if the book was dedicated to Kristina, why not give the profits to the the CCRF?

So, I contacted Heritage Press, the publishers, and they are now working through the process of giving all the profits to the CCRF. I just hope they are OK with me stealing their logo off of their webpage for the blog. Anyhow they are a terrific organization and I hope this little bit helps.

Meanwhile I’ve been getting some new reviews. Kristine wrote, “I’ve been reading it [Bizarre Bible Stories 2!] every morning to my little ladies. We are loving it. The words they use to describe it are, “awesome, funny and weird.”

So, the CCRF isn’t weird. Bizarre 2! is. I’ll take it as a compliment.