What Are the Chances Pt.2

ImageSo, our plane was 90 minutes late leaving ABQ. That left us -30 minutes to make our connection in Dallas, as our layover was only an hour. But… God is good.

The flight in Dallas was about 2 hours late leaving, so no problem! That left us with 2 hours less to sleep in the airport in Florida, but there was no sleeping anyway. They were doing construction inside the airport at night. So, we are now sipping coffee waiting for our 6am flight to PaP. That’s 4am ABQ time.

We ran into another missions team from ABQ going to Haiti – so have been able to make some new friends and pal with another group. They also have a lucky 13 people going. Hey, the disciples and Jesus.. 13.

And, all our baggage made it on the plane. We had to shuttle some stuff from bags a pound or two over the limit to those a pound or two under, but we made it with 1360lbs of supplies for mcmhaiti.org. Sweet!

Time to board and try to sleep with my knees above my ears. The pics are from last year. I forgot my phone cord – just bought a new one wi


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