To be a Minister of Reconciliation

A great article from an old Youth Pastor and friend.

Lead Freely

“Forgiveness is not a decision, it is a process”

The summer of 2021 has been interesting for all of us. Not quite like 2020 when we were trying to get used to living in a global pandemic, we are now trying to accept when and how it should end. We are all in a different place as we grapple, and the wrestling match could go on for some time, as our humanity shows more and more. There is a pandemic which brings out the best and worst of everyone, but then there are so many other things that impact our outlook going forward…

…As I write this, the Taliban is once again setting up rule in Afghanistan, almost the minute after Western military forces leave the country.

…Haiti just experienced another devastating earthquake.

…Throughout this summer the outcry of the First Nations people is heard. It took…

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