21 Things I’ve Learned After Moving Back to Haiti

For those going to Haiti with AnchorPoint this year – this is a terrific blog – with lots more on her site!

Living Green in Haiti

Last week marked one year since I returned to Haiti to pursue life as an emerging adult. Wow.. that sounds way fancier than it actually is. Anyway, I won’t add more to this intro. So voilà! Hope some of these are useful to you

1.  If you see a piece of tree on the road, it’s not because it rained and it accidentally got there. It could be. But this is how you’ll know there’s a car accident nearby. Slow down.

2.  TAG supermarket sells some of its stuff 3 times the price of other markets

3.  You can find fluoride-free toothpaste, harmless deodorants and other stuff that conscious shoppers generally care about at Caribbean Super Market

4.  At Epi d’Or if you order the chicken meal (or fish or beef or whatever). You will get served the meat only. That’s it. You also have to state and pay for the rice…

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