RENOVATE: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

renovateThe Good: Léonce Crump lives in a city that needs help. Radical help. Rather than give up on it – he believes God has called us to do something about the mess our world is in. I love the way he challenges us to see where we live as a gift from God – a gift to bring heaven to earth, to bring change to our cities and our own lives. It’s a new idea to me, this idea of settling down to bring lasting change and reconciliation to our community. In spite of the bad and ugly, I recommend this book!

The Bad: In the chapter The Way Home Leonce makes a point out of Heaven being a temporary place where God currently lives. He shows that our world will be reborn when Jesus returns, and so he believes we should look, strive really, for a universal restoration of all things. I get that theology, but also see other scriptures talking about a later time when our world seems to be blown to cinders. At any rate, it seems like he is making a big deal out of something that’s difficult to prove from Scripture. I also disagreed with the idea from page 25 that Eve after the Fall would somehow long after her husband’s role. In a book with this much theology, that’s not much to disagree on. But, it brings me to the ugly.

The Ugly: I felt at times (like those listed above) that Leonce stretches Scripture to find more support for his thesis of “Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are.” That being said, I like the thesis. Sometimes, however, I think you change who you are by learning to accept where you are. But, he loves Atlanta. Yuck. Maybe I’m wrong – if you can love Atlanta, you can love anywhere.

OH – I received this book for free from Multnomah Books for writing a review. Trust me, a free book didn’t change my review. I might can be bought, but not for ten bucks.





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20160127_164405Between school, holidays and an unexpected pregnancy, I’ve been a little busy. Or rather, sick, tired and stupid. They tell me it’s normal for someone in my “condition”. If being the bringer if life is a “condition”, where’s my medal?

So what shook me out of my sick and tired pregnancy hiatus? Under my blog settings, there’s a section that shows what people have google searched before clicking on your site. One search read, “How to make a Mennonite boy like you.”

Great question.

How To Make a Mennonite Boy Like You:

Jon, my husband, thinks the very idea of this blog is manipulative. He hates it. Since I’m currently growing his Mennonite baby – which is sucking all forms of life and energy from my inferior, non-Mennonite body – I can and will do what I want.

Immediately my heart went out to this girl. No doubt she’s been sitting in her school cafeteria…

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I can so relate to this. Great insight!

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nap_dv21094When making decisions, we’ll generally try to arrive at answers or solutions that are to our advantage. In the decision making process, we’ll probably have several questions, such as: Is this good for me? How does it help me? Is this a step forward? Is this a step up? Will I make more money? Will this make my life easier? What will others think? Does it make sense?

The issue though, for the believer, is that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts, (Isaiah 55:8) and so what, in our minds, seems like a good idea or a good decision may not be what God wants.

In Joshua chapter 9, we read that the Gibeonites came to Israel, lied to the leaders and asked for a treaty because they were afraid that Israel would conquer them in battle. It seemed that the Gibeonites were…

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