Bible Zombies One

zombie 3Do you like zombies? Did you know The Walking Dead outperformed the Winter Olympics for viewers ages 18- 49?  They even crashed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website with so many hits. Anyhow i’d like to do a Bible Zombie book – I believe Scripture has something to say. Want to be a part?

I’m planning to post a chapter, or part of a chapter of Bible Zombies on weekends. What would really help is any feedback you can give – Hate the story, needs more clarification, this is no zombie, love the application, etc. Next week I’ll post the first story. Meanwhile, here is some of what I’ve learned. . .

According to Wikipedia, a zombie is “. . . an animated corpse raised by magical means.” I’ve found 21 stories in the Bible worth examining to see how they match up to the zombie definition – and I believe I’ve found at least one real zombie. They include…

  • Hoards of “Ozzie Zombies” coming out of a pit
  • Corpses coming out of tombs
  • Corpses walking with their flesh falling off
  • A possessed corpse becoming a dictator,
  • Even a lake of zombies.

Anyhow I’ll try to upload stories when I’m not in Haiti or under a Triumph Spitfire. Let me know if you’d like to help!


BIZARRE Bible Stories 2!  Expected in stores by late. . . AUGUST 2014


The original BIZARRE Bible Stories is available here.

zombie 3


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