The Letter That Made My Year

So my sister Jeanette is talking to her friend Jenefer in Austin. Somehow it came up that Jeanette’s brother had written a book. “Cool. What book?” asked Jen. “Bizarre Bible Stories.” “Bizarre Bible Stories? It was my son Bo’s favorite book, and we lost it in a move!”

Long story shorter, Jeanette told me, and I sent Jenefer a copy.  Jen now has two sons younger than Bo, and all three wrote me the sweetest letters. But it was the letter from Bo, who had the book when he was younger, that made my day. Year maybe. Here it is a bit larger to make it easier to read.

Thanks Bo, James, Dippy and Jenefer for the letters!

Bizarre 2 Update: Bizarre 2 should be hitting the bookshelves in September! Heritage Builders Publishers secured a deal with the distributor who services all retailers plus 4,000 Christian Book Stores – so it should be coming to a store near you soon.


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