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19620963_10212792280577230_6770182231888743032_oOne of my questions when I get to Heaven, if I can get up the nerve to ask, is; “Why, when we were replacing a clutch under a Toyota Hilux, for needy missionaries, in the dirt, in Haitian humidity and heat, after ten hours of work, would You send a dog to mark his territory on the legs sticking out under the truck? It’s a first world excuse for persecution, but it did seem unnecessary.

Who’s going in 2018:

  • Dan – Leading his own mini team of “Mr. Fix its.” Dan’s team will head to Haiti a week before the other travelers to prepare the home and school grounds for English Camp.
  • Megan – IS NOT LEADING A TEAM this year…. and she is very happy about it. She’ll participate with the main missions team and stay for 7 days.
  • Cooley Friend – The Cooley’s have a friend! This friend would like to go to Haiti but due to personal restraints cannot fundraise. We would like to surprise him with the financial support to go. Not only does he already have a love for Haiti, he would be a substantial help in ways many volunteers cannot. He doesn’t mind dogs.


Why go?

Maranatha Children’s Ministry ( English Camp is a school program run in the summer months for children of all ages that wouldn’t otherwise get an education or a healthy diet. They teach Bible, English, Science and PE to over 400 kids along with 2 nutritious meals and an opportunity to play and enjoy a safe environment. That is after you get off the motorcycle your dad brought you on.

How can you help?

  • Prayer – we need people to commit to praying for safety, rest, and ways to encourage the missionaries who live in Haiti year round. Just shoot us a note below to let us know you are praying. That way we can keep you updated by email when we are there.
  • Money – We need to raise our own funds to pay for transportation, insurance, and room and board at Maranatha. Simply go to
    • Click “giving”
    • Click “continue to give”
    • In the box that says “message” specify “Cooley Haiti Trip”
  • It costs us around $1350 each to go. If we raise that much we aren’t a financial drain to the Maranatha, the mission who is housing us.

Thanks for any help you can give!

Dan for all



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