Christmas Lights and Prayer

our place… not quite up with the neighbors… yet

Our neighborhood made it into the newspaper and channel 13 news this year for our Christmas lights. Here is a link to a video made by a Real Estate Team in the area. Pretty cool.

Shawn, the neighbor directly across from us –  and sitting on the boat in the video – got it all started. His house sits at the corner where our street makes a dog leg. He got with Craig, who is about 4 houses away from us, at 90 degrees, and they strung lights from roof peak to roof peak, across the street. Then we joined in, as did the houses in-between us and Craig, and then it all just went crazy.

And now for the prayer.

I think it was on the 16th, when I was adding some lights trying to keep up with the neighbors, that I heard the sirens. They stopped at Craig’s house. He had had a heart attack. Craig was a believer, well loved, only 46 years old, exercised like crazy, loved the outdoors, and went home to heaven on the 23rd. It just seems crazy. Still, we all wonder if he got Gabriel to add some lights when he arrived.

His memorial service is tomorrow at 11.

Please pray for the family – his wife and two boys, one a HS senior, the other already in college.

Like CS Lewis said, “We have no doubt that God’s will is best. We just wonder how hard His best will turn out to be.”


front cover-001

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