Best Verse in the Bible

life-verse-thumbnail-200x200I’ve never been one of those people who had a “life verse.” There are 31,102 verses in the Bible. Do you really think God has just one for you to live your life by? I never thought so.

Until now.

Something special happened when I read this verse. It jumped off the page and into my soul. Maybe you like John 3:16 because of what it teaches about the Gospel, or Ephesians 2:8-9 because of it’s clear explanation of Salvation. But this verse – this verse is special. It may be the best verse in the Bible.

Daniel 5:12

 “This man Daniel. . .  has exceptional ability and is filled with divine knowledge and understanding. He can interpret dreams, explain riddles, and solve difficult problems. Call for Daniel.” Daniel 5:12 (NLT)

Maybe there is something to this “life verse” idea after all.



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