Dead Heat: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

dead heatThe Good – Author Joel Rosenberg knows how to write! As always when reading one of Joel’s books, I get upset at every text message, phone call – even loving interruptions. His books aren’t good on my marriage. Joel does introduce people to the gospel here and there, but it isn’t preachy. Well done!

The Bad – Somewhere in the middle of the book, a van driver dies. The guy on the passenger’s side of a van can’t hit the brakes due to stuck seat belt, so has to pull the e-break instead, locking up the front brakes, and causing a major wreck with cars flipping, fires, carnage, and other exciting stuff. This is bad on SO MANY levels. The e-break would be next to the driver’s door, further away than the foot-break on a fan. An e-break also only works on the rear brakes – not the front. I enjoy the way Rosenberg normally does his research – from politics to history to abortion rates and porn sales to knowing you can conceal a Glock 26, but you had best be careful, as it doesn’t have a safety. What he needs is a driver on his editing staff. Hey Joel, if you’re looking…

The Ugly – Lots die. People die – and I assume dogs, horses, and guinea pigs. It’s all highly sanitized, and the good news is cats die too. No spoiler here – it is set in the end times after all. However, about half way through I was wondering if there would be anyone left alive for another book. Thankfully, Joel spared a few.

I highly recommend reading the book. Just rip out the van page.


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