Do Women Write Better than Men?

Say it isn’t so.

It’s so.

Grammarly is a great little grammar checker website. It’s made for English-challenged writers like myself. They did the research. I used to like Grammarly. The facts then.

They did a survey of about 3000 people. 54% were men. 59% of those surveyed thought women were better writers. The men should have lied.

Men were seen as better at getting to the point. Women were seen as better at developing characters. Men were better at writing simple sentences. Woman were seen as better at writing longer sentences. I don’t understand.

Lousy, short, simple writing aside – do you agree? Maybe that’s why some writing teams of Mother/Son, couples, Father/daughter work out so well?

BTW – Grammarly found eight writing issues in the above text, but I’ll show them. I’m posting it unfixed.



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