What You Want for Christmas is Already on Your Cellphone

Your cellphone tells you what you value most. My new shotgun Christmas lights got me thinking of a few of my favorite things – things I had taken pictures of on my cellphone – things I could use more of this Christmas. Leaving people out, what is on your phone?



#1 Birthdays: I’m not suppose to eat Boston Cream Pie anymore – but I can get away with it on my birthday. My wife JoLynn makes it from scratch, something she thought my mother did when we were first married. She misunderstood. Or i lied. Mom made it from a box. This stuff is to die for. I just may.


#2 Roadrunners: This one came by as I was working on the truck. I’ve not idea why I like them and hate cats. But I do. I’d NEVER take a picture of a cat. Alive.


#? Spitfires: I’m lying. Fun as they are, you need a spare garage for the 10 months a year you’ll be working on it. I got this ’64 to flip. Wanna buy it? 5k and it’s all yours. It is beautiful, and it runs. . . today. Get it for Christmas!!


#3 Hot Air Balloons: More of them landing outside my backyard. We’ve had a few of those – lots around right now due to the Balloon Fiesta. I’d like about one a month landing outside our backyard, and I’d like to ride in one to get it off my bucket list, and I’d like to have no extra ABQ traffic during the fiesta. Just bring the balloons for us, no tourists please.


#4 Compassion Kids: This is one of our Compassion kids, Bregard, with my daughter Megan in Haiti, in the house we helped purchase.


#5 Micah’s Miata Back: We took that transmission out twice, then it got totaled a month later. I think it’s in heaven. I wonder if you get good cornering traction on those streets?

That’s it. 2 cars and no people pictures allowed. Truth is, four kids will do me. Do me in maybe? And one wife, although the best part of my life down here, is plenty.  Solomon was an idiot. Or a wise man who had a hard time saying no.

These were just pictures from my cellphone – except the balloon one as the phone one was lousy. Yes, it’s shallow. Still, does your cell phone reveal what silly things you would like to see more of this Christmas?

front cover-001

Don’t ForgetBizarre Bible Stories 2! hits the store shelves the end of the month. Stay tuned to CNN or FOX News for further developments. . . if I get sued. Otherwise just check back in here, your local bookstore, or Amazon


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