3 Early Christmas Questions


I’m sneaking Christmas Carols like a teenager does smokes.  It’s part JoLynn’s fault. She bought me shotgun shell Christmas lights for my birthday. What a wife.

Playing the carols bring up some interesting questions…

1. Why would God leave gold streets, awesome power, and an angelic army and go… here? Dirt streets, baby power and Roman soldiers laughing at crucifixions seems like a lousy location for a vacation from heaven. Which begs the question…
2. Where do you go when you want a vacation from heaven? And if you left heaven as God for earth…
3. Why not blast some bad guys on your entrance? Instead of appearing to shepherds, why not land on the head of some unsuspecting Pharisee?

In so many ways, Jesus was one bizarre baby. Maybe the most bizarre fact is that He would come at all.

I got tired of trying to motivate myself to write about Bible Zombies. It’s hard to write about zombies while playing Christmas Carols.

So I’m starting a collection of Bizarre Christmas Stories. Shoot any suggestions my way. And don’t forget to save the shells.

front cover-001

BTWBizarre Bible Stories 2! hits the shelves in two weeks. Stay tuned to CNN or FOX News for further developments. . . if I get sued. Otherwise just check back in here, your local bookstore, or Amazon.


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