God says to you…

I had some folks ask me for a reading I did at the end of the service yesterday. It all comes from Psalms 23. I adapted it from the conclusion of Traveling Light by Max Lucado. I hope it encourages you this week.

In Psalms 23 God says to you,

If you will stop playing God and surrender to Me, you will know YHWH, the only true God.

You will stop feeling lost—as you accept Me as your Shepherd.

You will be healed from endless wants—when you realize you lack nothing.

You will be healed from weariness—when you rest in My meadows of grace.

You will be healed from worry—as you let Me lead you.

You will be healed from hopelessness—as I restore your soul.

You will experience innocence—as I lead you into paths of righteousness.

You will be familiar with humility—when you live for My name’s sake.

You will be fearless—when you center on My presence in the valley.

You will be healed from loneliness—when U realize I am right beside you.

You will be without shame—when you join Me for breakfast in the presence of your enemies.

You will be healed from envy—when you focus on your overflowing cup of grace.

You will be healed from homesickness—when I call you home to live in my house forever.

And I know nothing about this book, but I thought the cover was priceless.