What Are the Chances?

What are the chances of this…


We have 13 people going to Haiti, giving us 1160 lbs of luggage with all bags at 50lbs but 3 food bags at 70lbs. LOTS of stuff came in just yesterday, tons of food donated, Amazon deliveries just this week. Today we finished packing the last bag. It was just 10lb under, and then we remembered a package at home we forgot. 1160 lbs of donations down to the ounce.

What are the chances of that?

God is good. All the time. And He knows of each gift before we give it.

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Haiti Mission Trip 2014: This year we hope to put in 1 sink, 2 breaker switches, capture 5 Haitian zombies, teach 400 campers, and avoid 17 trillion Chikungunya virus caring mosquitoes. We have debt. They have bugs.

And zombies. The picture is Zonbi by Haitian artist Wilson Bigaud, 1939. Read older blogs for more zombie stuff. Meanwhile. . .

Lord willing we leave Wednesday noon for somewhere FL, then catch a nap in the airport, then first flight out Thursday we head to Port-au-Prince, rested and ready to go. Right.

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