2 Adventures Coming!

packingAdventure #1: we leave for Maranatha Ministries in Port-au-Prince TOMORROW. We will keep you updated on overweight bags allowed in, on-time flights, kids saved and mosquitoes killed. We are taking 20 bags, 50 pounds each, plus our carry-ons that contain our stuff. Check out the towel pile in the back! Also, buy God’s grace our new church was able to raise over $15000 to help out with English Camp. It’s been a good year. Now the adventure begins….


Second – My Little Red Jalopy by Leanna Craig Lebato comes out any day now. Illustrations are by Jose Ramos, the same guy who did Bizarre 2. Editing my me, but it’s still a fun book. Check out her killer website here. 

My Little Red.jpg


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