Stand 4 Life

meg-stand4lifeI’ve learned the easiest way to blog is to steal the best blogs on the planet, and re-post them. It’s even better when the best blog is written by your daughter.

“Once I finally held a positive pregnancy test, I felt elated… but what shocked me, is that I also felt disappointed. We’d tried to conceive for four years. I’d just returned from one of my many volunteer trips to Haiti and was excited to start nursing clinicals in a few months, but I always wanted to be a mom. A week later my husband’s best friend passed away. He was devastated. When we found out we were having a boy, we decided to name him Memphis (abode of the good) and Matthew (gift of God), after my husband’s friend.

After Memphis’ birth on April 5, I experienced intense postpartum anxiety and self-doubt. I was convinced I would unwittingly hurt or fail my son. I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t ready. I also felt guilt that I missed my old life and freedom. I grieved it. Surely, this meant that I shouldn’t be a mom. This doubt and guilt delayed our bonding for three months.

Now, I am so in love with this boy. In time, God has shown me Memphis was meant to be born. He was meant to be waited for. He was meant to be mine. He is worth every bit of sacrifice. I know women who regret choosing abortion. I have never known a women who regrets choosing LIFE.” – Megan #StandforLIFE




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