3 Lessons from the Storm

This week Howard Hendricks gave three terrific observations about the storm in Mark 4:35-41. It’s when Jesus told the disciples to cross the lake at night, and the storm came up, and they were afraid they would all drown, but Jesus calmed the storm. OK, here we go…

  1. We don’t develop faith by listening to lectures (they had been listening to Christ all day). We develop faith in the laboratory of life.
  2. Fear and faith are like oil and water. They do not mix.
  3. When Jesus Christ — is in my boat — it will not sink. Or, another way he put it was, “When Jesus says, ‘Lets go to the other side of the lake,’ He is not saying, ‘Lets go half way across and drown.'”

Another thought from the end of the lesson: Jesus wants what is best, He knows what is best, and He will do what is best.

Good stuff.




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