John Ortberg and I

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John and I, we have so much in common.

Like short names.

Anyhow I was thrilled to learn I was listed with John as recipients of an Evangelical Press award for 2015. So, here is my unashamed bragging blog…

The article states: The Evangelical Press Association is a professional association of more than 300 Christian publications and affiliates—magazines, newspapers and newsletters—and content-rich websites.

[300. You got that, right? OK, on we go.]

In addition to the Award of Excellence, Leadership Journal received nine additional awards.

Art director Doug Fleener received the award for best cover of the year (for the October 2014 issue: “One Church, Many Parts”).

[really was a cool cover]

Our website,, received an award of merit in the Christian ministry digital category.

[what, pray tell, is the ministry digital category? casting the demons out of Windows 10?]

Managing editor Drew Dyck’s interview with Max Lucado, “Leading in Prayer,” received the award for best interview of the year.

[Way to go Drew. I can’t talk to that guy]

And other awards went to:

Tony Kriz for “That Mysterious Gospel” (Biblical Exposition).

[Tony is into a cult. kidding]

Skye Jethani, Paul Pastor, Drew Dyck, and Tim Gioia for “Parse” (Blog).

Peyton Jones for “My Near Life Experience” (First-Person Article).

[Peyton is mostly dead? Interesting title]

John Ortberg for “When a Pastor Resigns Abruptly” (General Article—short).

Daniel Cooley for “Pastoral Envy” (Humorous Article).

[they keep me away from the serious stuff]

Doug Fleener and Metaleap Creative for Publication Redesign.

“It’s fun to share news like this with our readers,” said managing editor Drew Dyck. “We hope it affirms our readers in their choice of publications. We continue to work hard to provide the best journal we can for church leaders.”

You can read the full article here.



One thought on “John Ortberg and I

  1. cindysig

    Read it all. Felt your pain in your award winning article and was secretly delighting that a published author and well-know blogger sometimes stumbles publicly just like the rest of us. 😉
    Proud of your accomplishments despite the fact that your crash and burn hasn’t catapulted you to fame and fortune…..yet..
    I’m glad I’ll always be able to say I saved your life with a potted plant in your first near “burn-out” way back when!


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