Holy Sexuality Batman!

HolyMarriageTitleToday Jon, my awesome son-in-law, and i started a 3-week series called Holy Sexuality. Our topic today was Holy Marriage.

His better be.

The next two weeks – if i don’t get fired – will be Holy Relationships and Holy Response.

I thought it would be fun and helpful to post some of the thoughts on my personal blog. Maybe a healthy conversation can result. I’ll put my church blog about the topic below, then a few slides from the sermon below that. The sermons should get uploaded here.

OK – now for the blog and the slides.

In 2008, when then candidate Obama was interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren; he said he believed marriage was “between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage.” He added that, as a Christian, he believed marriage was a “sacred union – God’s in the mix.”

But opinions change, and other’s opinions become taboo.

Sexuality isn’t a subject covered often in the Bible. That doesn’t mean it isn’t in there, it just isn’t the focus of Scripture. You won’t find much on homosexuality or incest or even if courting will save you from the horrors of dating. However, there is a LOT of information on holiness. This Sunday, we’re launching into a 3-week series on Holy Sexuality: Holy Marriage. Holy Relationships. Holy Response.

It’s my contention that candidate Obama was correct. Marriage is a sacred union. God is in the mix. It’s purpose is to bring God’s culture to earth. You can have a heterosexual marriage, you may have a Christian marriage – and not have a Holy Marriage.

So, come this Sunday for the beginning of a conversation. Holy Sexuality should never become taboo.





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