image001Not that I’m a bad sick person, but…

Friday-Sunday I would have swore I got hit with an experimental nano-virus made up of millions of cat-like rabid living razor blades using my throat as a scratching post.

Late Sunday the head was still congested and in pain, and I was coughing up all kinds of nasty stuff – but the throat didn’t hurt as bad when I did it. I figure I’m on the mend. Then came last night.

I wake up at 4am with nasty chills and a churning gut. I put on every blanket I can find (sleeping on the sofa) and shiver while the dog watches. Then at 5 I was in total disbelief.

And I run into the bathroom to start throwing-up. What evil virus goes from a head cold to vomiting? I hate throwing up.

I stagger back to the sofa and huddle under 50lbs of blankets and try to forget about the last half hour. That’s when the dog scratches to go outside. “Forget you” I think. Wrong.

Next thing I know the dog is making those heaving sounds by the door.

I shiver my way to the door and the dog goes outside and vomits. Sympathy throw up?

I hate this, not that I’m a bad sick person.


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