MUGGINGS CHANGING LIVES! Violence for Charity.

Violence 4 Charity.


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If you follow this blog than you have a dark, twisted sense of humor. You should definitely check out these MUGGINGS.  You can also click HEREto purchase a mugging directly.

You’ll like it. Promise.

What started out as a poorly planned last-ditch effort to raise money for a plane ticket to Haiti has spiraled into something much bigger. It’s weird how often that happens in life. Do something on whim, say something stupid and suddenly it’s out of your control and taken on a life of its own. I have covered my plane ticket and decided to continue the surprisingly successful muggings as a hobby.

100% of money raised goes directly to Maranatha Children’s Ministries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This Christ-based ministry provides education, nutrition and employment for over 400 Haitians yearly. I have visited many times and fallen in love with the leaders, staff and kids. I returned from…

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