Happy Valentines!

image010We’ve given up on a Christmas letter. So – here is our Valentines letter, mostly written by Micah. Let the idiocy and merriment begin.

image001Max: Still Mama Cooley’s favorite, even though he poops outside. It’s weird.

Mama and Papa Cooley: Well they became grandparents, again in 2014, which is a bonus, I guess. The new favorite kids are the grandkids now, so that sucks for us actual kids. I have to assume there is no small amount of poetic justice in watching your kids have kids and thinking, “Haha! Revenge!”

In less grandparently news, Papa Cooley has doubled the amount of books (two!) he has image003published with Bizarre Bible Stories 2. We are presently in talks with Universal and Disney about movie adaptations starring Emma Watson and Chris Hemsworth [we wish]. Not that dad knows who they are. The simplest way to order is through Amazon.com or the publisher, HeritageBuilders.com.

Megan and Jon: Megan is heading up the 2015 mission trip to Haiti, well on her way to accomplishing her goal of being the “world’s worst financially backed philanthropist.” That’s pretty cool. Though if Jon actually finishes university by next winter (like he’s on track to do). . . nope – they’ll still be the world’s image004poorest philanthropists.

Cooley’s – setting world records even after the name change.

Jon will be graduating in December 2015 with a degree in communication. He still doesn’t talk much.

Megan will be starting clinicals towards her degree in Nursing. We all try and stay healthy around her.

image006Amanda and Jake: Early this year, Amanda and Jake got a puppy after Oliver was born. It was adorable and hyper and the perfect dog for Oliver. Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea for keeping the kid entertained. It wasn’t.

Two weeks later Amanda told us she was pregnant. Along came Emerson Tillman Franks on Nov. 21.

I encouraged them to get that dog. It’s my fault they now have two kids and a dog with enough energy to power upstate New York. I’m not sorry.

Micah and Caleb: Am I the only one that thinks it’s weird how I group everyone by couples, and then I just lump me and Caleb together the same way? We’re still single, in case you were wondering. Thanks.

We’re doing good. Caleb’s taking a year doing some discipleship thing at Camp Peniel, near Austin. So if you’re around there, go annoy him. Like shut off his hot water when he’s showering andimage008 stuff. That’d be brilliant.

image009I’m back at UNM after taking a year off to do Air Force things. I hope to graduate next year with Jon. My degree is in English. I still can’t spell much.

Micah for all.


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