Worst Christmas Timing Ever

front coverAfter Black Friday,

After the shoppers went home and the gifts were hid,

After the money was wasted, and the hot cocoa drunk,

After the parents went to bed, relieved with yet another year of Christmas shopping behind them,

Bizarre Bible Stories 2! left the printers for the bookstores.

It’s just… me, I think.

So now I pray parents shop late this year and buy books by their covers. What dad doesn’t want to buy a ninja coming out of a toilet book for his kids?

And warriors with their butts showing is a cool back cover.

You can order them online – amazon or whoever – but if you want a signed one you will have to contact the artist directly. I only wrote the inside.


One thought on “Worst Christmas Timing Ever

  1. Reblogged this on latetoeveryparty and commented:

    1. Not sure what to get the kids/grandkids/neices/nephews etc. for Christmas? Bizarre Bible Stories 2 was released just in time for Christmas! And the author happens to be just as hilarious and sarcastic as me! (because he’s my dad). I promise much wholesome and hilariousness.

    2. Living up to my slogan (Late To Every Party), I’m now on twitter! YOU CAN NOW FOLLOW ME, Megan Penner @late2Everyparty. I’m learning how to use Twitter at about the snails pace your grandmother drives on the freeway…but it’s progress.

    That is all. Carry on with your day.


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