So Many Christians. So Few Lions.

Reunion-001We had a Cooley family reunion at our place last week. My brother and two of my sisters, with their spouses were here early enough to make a run up the Jemez Mountains. We are missionary kids. Pastors kids. We married believers. We don’t like lions.

We stopped in Jemez Springs for coffee and a snack. We were eating outside when a gal was having trying to start her car. You could hear the starter solenoid clicking – it was going nowhere.

My brother Dave and I went over to give her car a jump. As we were hooking things up, I couldn’t help but notice her shirt. Emblazoned in bright letters on a black T-shirt were the words. . .

“So many right-wing Christians. So few lions.”

Once we got her car running I said, “I couldn’t help but notice your shirt. It’s my kind of surprise humor. But you need to know – we came to help you because we’re all Christians.”

She looked a bit embarrassed, saying “Oh, my friend gave me this shirt. I forgot I had it on, I was just looking for a black one this morning.” Then she rambled on a bit, and we got into a short but great conversation. Doing good really does break down the barriers.

Her name is Amy, and she went to Westmont College – an evangelical school in Santa Barbara. We discussed the change in her journey and beliefs, and I was able to leave her with a Cottonwood Church pen with our website on the side. I wish I’d have thought to pray with her, I’m sure she would have been good with that.

So, if you can spare a minute, please pray for Amy. A bad battery in Jemez Springs when the only help around was 8 lion-hating Christians can’t be a coincidence.


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